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Posh Pasty Co launches new sustainable website using Carbon Neutral hosting from Wunderism

13 December 2013

The Posh Pasty Company™ took another step towards total sustainability this week when its founder (and TV presenter) James Strawbridge launched a new website with Wunderism® CarbonNeutral® accredited web hosting.

The Posh Pasty Company™ was founded earlier this year. They make hundreds of pasties every day and source their ingredients from Cornish suppliers that they “know and respect”. Suppliers include: Trewithen Dairy for their salted butter and natural yoghurt, Shipton Mill for their organic plain flour, St Austell Brewery for their 1913 Cornish Stout and local Butchers Kittows in Fowey for all their quality meat.

Their supply chain isn’t the only thing that’s green: the company’s ovens are powered by photovoltaic solar panels, the water they use comes from their farm’s natural spring and the radio in the kitchen is powered by a waterwheel! The Posh Pasty Company™ is our favourite kind of green business: sustainable to the core and producing amazing products that outclass the competition.

It’s safe to say that James has always been a keen environmentalist. His degree in Environmental History at the University of York gave him insight into the impact that the environment has on human activities and in turn, humanity’s impact on the planet. He is also co-author of the internationally published ‘Practical Self-Sufficiency: the Complete Guide to Sustainble Living’. He had this in mind when he was selecting partners to create the new Posh Pasty Company™ website: “The team at Wunderism® have been really helpful in setting up the hosting for the new Posh Pasty Company™ website. I chose to work with Wunderism® because of their Carbon Neutral Company accreditation, their great service and very competitive price.”

The site was created by Leap, a renewably powered, environmentally focused graphic design studio in Cornwall. Matt Hocking, former Head of Design at the Eden Project, founded Leap in in 2004. Matt’s passion for sustainable design really clicked with James and his dad Dick when it came to re-launching their online eco product store as Eco Ark in 2009.


About Wunderism™


Set up in 2013, the company are proud to be one of the first CarbonNeutral® accredited web hosting services. It provides a space on the Internet to keep your website, plus all the support and tools you need to keep it up and running.

Wunderism’s ultra efficient servers are based in the South West of the UK. All the energy that they use is offset via the purchase of methane credits from a methane-capture project in the Rhine-Ruhr region of Germany. This project captures methane leaking from three abandoned coalmines and uses it to generate electricity and heat. These Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units feed electricity to the grid and heat to a local district heating system.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Burning one molecule of methane produces two molecules of water and one molecule of CO2, so combusting methane in CHP units reduces its climate impact by 21 times.

Wunderism’s maintenance and service engineers are based at its 100% renewably powered offices in Cornwall.


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